Where do I publish my scientific findings?

At 10:00 pm on Christmas Eve, my inbox chimed. Pictures of my nieces all snug in their beds? No, an invitation from a scientific journal to review an article on the topic of dengue surveillance in Thailand, kindly requesting that I take no more than seven days. This was not spam, it was legit. ColleaguesContinue reading “Where do I publish my scientific findings?”

Winning the war on cancer, imperceptibly

(originally posted in February, 2019. Reposted November, 2020) It is not hard to find examples of pundits who have publicly declared that the forty-some year-old War on Cancer has been lost. “Losing the War on Cancer” was the subtitle of a well-received book (1). Scientific American called it a “bust” (2). It’s not just bloggers and reporters:Continue reading “Winning the war on cancer, imperceptibly”